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When you have a leaky roof, we understand that you want to put your trust in a professional Naples roofing company that prioritizes the urgency of your situation. That’s why we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality repairs and use only the best materials in the industry.

We provide roof repair service on all types of roofs. We can help repair flat roofs, slate roofs, asphalt shingles, wood shake, commercial roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs, as well as gutter and siding repairs.

What Are The Dangers of Not Repairing a Leaky Roof?

Is your roof leaking, missing shingles, or are you noticing water spots developing on your ceiling? Not doing anything could result in significant long-term costs compared to prompt repairs. There are some hidden dangers to not repairing a damaged roof.

First, a leaky roof could cause water damage in your attic and ceiling. Often when you see water spots developing on your ceiling, it is a symptom of water entering your home through your roof and attic. The longer this is pushed off, the more work that could be required such as drywall, interior water damage, or even electrical work if it damages any wires or outlets.

Another major concern of ponding water or moisture accumulation is a breeding ground for mold and mildew growth. Mold growing in your home is an extreme health hazard, and can pose health issues for your entire family. Mold remediation can be an expensive procedure to have mold removed, and is more advisable to avoid any mold growth whenever possible. Mold is one of the key reasons to prioritize having repairs completed expeditiously.

Lastly, a leaky roof can allow for water to seep into your home’s foundation or structural components and begin to break down from water damage. For instance, water seeping into your

What Are The Signs That You May Need Roof Repairs?

A leaky roof, or water-spots developing on your ceiling are clear indicators that there may be something wrong with your roof. However, there are other important warning signs to watch out for that are indicators for the health of your roof. If you are noticing missing shingles or cracked shingles from the ground-level, this could be a sign of storm damage. If your gutters are beginning to clog up from accumulated granules from your shingles or debris, this could cause water to run into your home! You should monitor your roof for vegetation or algae growth on your roof!

What To Consider Before Hiring Any Naples Roof Repair Company

Before hiring anyone to do roof repairs on your industrial building or your home, there are some important factors to consider. You’ll want to conduct your own research on the contractor’s reputation, background, and qualifications.


Ensure that your roofing contractor has all proper licenses & certifications


Does the roofing contractor have references of other happy customers in your area?


Examine your roofing contractor’s online reviews & ratings before hiring anyone. While it is important to read some reviews with a grain of salt, a lot can still be gleaned from a roofer’s overall online profile and reputation.


Inquire to your roofer about their insurance coverage. Do they have liability insurance and worker’s compensation for their crew? This is something to think about as roofing is a dangerous trade, and you want to ensure that your roofing contractor is a professional company and has all necessary coverage.


When you begin soliciting estimates, it is important to factor price as well. If you receive numerous bids and one is significantly cheaper than the rest, it can be an indicator that they are either cutting corners, or using lower-grade materials. You will want to compare all options evenly, and hire a contractor you feel can do the job right the first time. The cheapest option could end up being the most expensive option if it requires future repairs!

What Types of Roof Repair Services Do You Offer?

We are always happy to discuss any roofing problem that you may be having. We offer numerous roofing repair services such as:
● Asphalt shingle roof repair
● Metal roof repair
● Cedar shake roof repair
● Clay tile roof repair
● Terracotta tile roof repair
● Concrete tile roof repair
● Commercial flat roof repair
● Low slope roof repair
● TPO roof repair
● EPDM rubber roof repair
● PVC roof repair

Roof Repair Service Area

We proudly service Collier County & Lee County. Our service area for roof repair extends to Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Pine Ridge, Goodland, Gateway, Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel, Estero, San Carlos Park, Cypress Lake, and other surrounding areas!

If you have a leaky or damaged roof, give us a call today to set up your free roofing inspection! We are happy to assist with your roofing situation, and provide a free, no-obligation roofing analysis. During our inspection, we will help diagnose what is causing your roof to leak, and provide the most cost-effective roof repair options for you to consider. If repairs are not possible, we will also outline potential replacement options. We strive to provide honest recommendations and affordable solutions for all of our customers.

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