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Naples, Florida Tile Roofing Services

Tile roofs are a highly popular choice among Naples & Fort Myers homeowners. Tile has been used for years across the entire globe. For years, our roofing professionals have specialized in tile roofs, having worked on countless tile repair and replacement jobs. We understand that your tile roof provides character and elegance to your home, and your desire to work with a roofing contractor that is a master in working with tile! While many Florida roofers work frequently with asphalt shingles, ensure that you choose a contractor that has years of experience working on tile roofs of all sizes!

We provide an array of tile roofing services including:

  • Tile roof repair
  • Tile roof replacement
  • Tile storm damage roof repair & replacement
  • Emergency tile roof repairs
  • Tile roof inspections
  • Tile roof estimates
  • Ceramic tile roofing
  • Terracotta roofing
  • Clay tile roofing
  • Commercial tile roof repair
  • Tile Roof Replacement for HOA communities

Benefits of Tile Roofing

Tile roofs are extremely popular in Naples, and in Florida in general for good reason. When a tile roof is installed properly to manufacturer code and specifications, your tile roof can significantly outlast an asphalt shingle roof. In Florida, it is no surprise that we need a roofing system that can withstand the blistering heat and volatile Florida weather. Tile is an excellent option for Naples homes because of its ability to withstand scorching temperatures, and durability to Mother Nature. Clay & concrete all both excellent types of tiles.

While tile offers a longer life-span than other roofing materials, and can withstand the elements and heat better than materials such as shingles, there are additional reasons many Florida homeowners choose tile. Tile offers a unique look that can not be achieved with other materials. It is a beautiful, aesthetic appeal that can provide your home with a Spanish Revival or Mediterranean vibrancy. Tile not only adds curb appeal to your home, but is used for both modern and contemporary style homes.

Lifespan of Tile Roofs

One of the most commonly asked questions by homeowners is what is the lifespan of a new tile roof? If your new roof is installed properly, and is maintained and cared for over the years, your roof should last for over 50 years! Thus, while tile roofs can be a larger up-front investment, it will last significantly longer compared to a material such as shingles.

Color Longevity

Many homeowners turn to tile because of it’s ability to keep its color and profile for many years! Clay I a natural material, and is able to hold its color profile for years, even when subjected to Florida weather. Clay tiles can last for 50+ years, and are able to remain algae-free longer than concrete. However, if you decide to go for concrete tiles, while they are stronger than clay, the downside is that the colors may not last as long as clay and require pressure-washing. Many homes in our area tend to have clay tile.

Tile Roofing Service Area

We provide tile roofing services to both Collier County and Lee County. Our service area extend to Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Sanibel, Fort Myers Beach, Cypress Lake, Lehigh Acres, Iona, San Caitos Park, and other surrounding areas!

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If you’re actively looking for the best tile roofing company in Naples or Fort Myers, you found us! We take deep pride in the quality of our work, and reputation. Every tile roof that we work on is a reflection of our company, and it is important for us to ensure every roof meet our customer’s full satisfaction. This includes offering personalized customer service and consultations. Our job is not complete until we have your full approval!

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